Growing up in a small town country atmosphere I always wondered what it would be like to live a fabulous life.  Striving to create the life I would enjoy is a balancing act.   I must say being my own boss and working on my schedule around things I enjoy doing and spending time with my family is truly a gift.

I’ve been a Model in NYC, won art competitions, earned my degree in Business Management/Marketing and Economics in 3 years.  I’ve won numerous business awards, a Concierge Real Estate Consultant selling multi-million dollar homes and a 3x International Best Selling Author.

Life is a series of “Stepping Stones” and Pathways to your future.  A few years ago I found what I’ve been searching for which gives me flexibility and unlimited income.  Now I help people with skin concerns, teach them how to build a Global business in part time hours and guide them to living the life of their dreams.

Now I ‘get to’ travel to places I enjoy including seeing my son in Italy and Denmark, meeting incredible people just like you.

Want to know what I do, how I do it and learn three things you can do?  Everyone has a choice.

Why Not YOU?

Why not NOW?


As a Leader in my Community, I was invited to be a Featured Guest on Shining Stars in SoFlo Business with Danny Poulos!    I share my passion for helping others with their Real Estate needs in South Florida or Globally,  Partnership with World Renowned Dermatologists redefining skin issues in the privacy of your home and teaching others how to build a business Local to Global in part-time hours alongside their busy lives.  Learn about “100 Women Who Care” and how you can help your local community, too!

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Imagine listening to the gentle movement of the water while observing the rich colors of the sky as the clouds slowly move beyond your view.   What are you wondering?  Where is YOUR life heading?   Who are you aligning yourself with to help achieve your goals?   IF your life was different what would it look like?  The moon is so close yet….  YOU are here for a reason.  YOU have a purpose.   It’s time to take the next step to LIVING the DREAM!

Join women from around the Globe to support, educate, motivate and inspire!  Empowering Women 2 Succeed Network

Moon and Bench