Did you know the American Psychological Academy found that on average the stress level of an American is 4.9 out of 10? Now add in the holiday season. Here are 4 tips to Reduce Stress and Enjoy your Holidays.
1) Control Your Calendar ~ Color code your activities. Most of us see in color and will retain the info. Some suggestions: Red is an event you have RSVPd or are committed to. Green – something you would ‘like’ to attend and make sure your write rsvp required.. Yellow could be for your kids. Blue is for YOU…. remember to give yourself time to read, exercise, eat healthy, stay hydrated, take a bath, mani/pedi or girlfriend time.
2) Control Your Business Calendar. How is this different than #1? You want to front load your month to make sure your business doesn’t suffer because the week of Thanksgiving you will be distracted. Studies also show when you return from a long weekend it is harder to get back into work mode so step up your game by doing 10%-20% more each day which will require focus and planning.
3) Focus! The more focused you are the more efficient you are. Let the phone ring. Check social media around 11, 3 and 7 only. Do one thing at a time. Another suggestion is to get into work 10 min early, cut a one hour lunch time to 30-45 min (maybe bring your lunch), and stay 10 min late. That will give you at least an extra 30-45 min a day. Every week you’ve added more than 2.5 hours. Your efforts will pay off in December!
4) Schedule Time for YOU! I mentioned this in #2 but it is really important. Include time for friends and family. Remember to reach out to others to say hello or let them know you are thinking about them.
Following a Plan will allow you to be happier and more productive.

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