“I AM” What? The Power of Positivity and Visualizations

Have you heard of visualizations?  It was first brought to my attention a few years ago at a conference.   I’ll admit it took some time before I was all in on this concept.   We were challenged to create our personal visualizations starting with “I  AM”.  The two most powerful words originally created with the 7 “I AM” statements in the Bible.  Yes I went there.

First, what is the definition of Visualization?

It is your thoughts written out with images to create your perfect day and life whether it is a healthy mind, healthier body, increased confidence,  more productive, or achieve something that scares you.  It’s your choice.

“A caterpillar must endure a season of isolation

before it turns into a butterfly.

Embrace the time you have alone,

 it will only make you stronger.” Steven Aitchison


Mental imagery is simply seeing in your mind a successful scenario.

For example:   You need to stand in front of a group of people to give a presentation.  Your mind is racing and usually it is in a negative state.  Isn’t it FEAR?   What IF, I forget what I want to say or What IF, they hate it.  Now, through visualization techniques you create an image in your mind of success using the I AM statements.

I AM prepared;

I AM confident;

I AM happy;

I AM a great speaker;

I AM grateful for this opportunity;

I AM successful;

I AM enjoying this experience;


Whatever you decide your “I AM” statements are for you use a lot of feeling and details (the above is a simple version).  Visualize yourself in front of the audience giving your presentation with the guests smiling back at you nodding their heads in agreement.

How do you feel now?

Scientifically when you experience the mental imagery, neural networks are activated preparing you which manage your heart rate, breathing , and blood pressure.   Visualizations , or mental imagery, can help you keep calm and avoid the fight or flight scenario, and decreasing stress.

It’s as if ~ you’ve done the task numerous times preparing you for the activity. Therefore, when you are in the situation, your mind has already adapted envisioning success and confidence.

Benefits of Visualization

  • Improves performance. Did you know that professional athletes, actors, politicians, surgeons, musicians and business executives use this technique?
  • It moves you closer to reaching your potential. Why? It gets you out of your comfort zone.
  • Stress reducer because visualizing manages your heart rate, breathing and blood pressure.
  • Increases your happiness and positivity and we should all want this in life!
  • Focus starts at the beginning of your day creating a more productive, confident and happy outcome.
  • Visualizations increase your action which will enable you to add more goals bringing you closer to your purpose.
  • Confidence increases as you achieve each success.
  • Positive visualization will keep you in a healthier state of being.
  • Creativity goes up as you really think about the smell, taste, feeling of achieving your goals.
  • Overcomes anxiety by imagining the successful outcome creating a healthier mind and body!

I encourage you to write out your visualization for your perfect day including details starting with the moment you wake up.

I encourage you to choose a book to read about visualizations or mental imagery.  Listen to music that makes you feel good.   Work in a comfortable space that feels right for you.

My hope for you….

“Every morning as the sun is rising I will

wake up feeling happy,

excited and energized for the

gift of another day.”  Laraine Sacco