Many entrepreneurs or budding entrepreneurs lack self confidence and struggle with time management and creating boundaries.

Many people are conflicted with the duality of  “I want to make money”…. verses “I need to do other activities not associated with income producing”.

  >  Focus on the future. How do you want your business to look in a year from now?  6 months? 3 month? 1 month?  Continue to refocus yourself.

  >  Are you 20% better this month verses 3 months ago?

  >  Realign your thoughts and transition them to your calendar

  >   Create the monthly roadmap to finish strong

  >   Block your calendar for daily habits to include physical, emotional time, religious time, family time and business

  >   Talk with your family about your calendar or post it so everyone can see it.

  >    Create easy to prepare meals

  >    Enlist ‘elves’ to help

  >    Stay positive by waking up grateful and finishing the day with gratitude

  >    Surround yourself with at least 3-4 people who are uplifting and believe in you and your goals

  >    Reflect on what worked during the year and what do you need to focus more attention on

  >    Keep your head above water.   You don’t need to put undue stress on yourself.

  >   Setbacks are to realign you.  Don’t let it deflate you!

  >   Set mini goals

  >   Ask someone to be your accountability partner to help you stay on track

  >   Control Your Schedule and choose which events or parties you attend.

  >   Make a difference!

  >   You Are The Boss!

I’d love to hear from you~  Which tips will you implement?