“The Real Reason You Need to Know Your Why in Order to Succeed”

What is the purpose of life?   Why do we move forward in this changing world?  How can we achieve our hearts desires when self esteem continually has us second guess our purpose?

Thinking about your ‘why’ can be simplistic yet overwhelming at the same time.   What does “Why” actually mean?

The dictionary states the word ‘why’ as an adverb, and simply stated is the cause, reason or purpose.

So I ask myself not why, but what.  What is my cause?   What is my Reason to wake up every day and continue to ‘be’?   What is my purpose in my life?

Philosophically we have no idea how long we will ‘be’ on this earth, in the universe to make a difference for ourselves or someone else.   What if you knew the exact date you would no longer be here?   Not die because I believe you will live in a different place and experience a different existence to be used to help others in a different way.   What if…. your purpose on earth was to prepare you for your ultimate destiny?   What if you knew you have 50 years left, a decade, a year, 1 month or 1 day?  What would you do?   How would you live differently?

You were beautifully crafted to be uniquely you.  What are your gifts that make you happy, laugh, feel joy, contentment or accomplishment?

We are all going away and no longer be ‘here’ one day.  I hope my legacy is such that people remember that I cared about them and always had their best interest on my heart.  I believe in their ability to be the best version of themselves and they can achieve anything they really want and encourage them to surround themselves by people who lift them up.   Together is only better when we surround ourselves with people who see our dream, our goal, and heart’s desire.   I believe God has created people to live a joyous life without fear or discouragement.   Man brought fear and self doubt.  My ‘why’ is to remove your fear and self doubt, to know that you wake up excited each day to follow your dream and pay that forward to inspire those you come in contact with.

My purpose is to guide you on your destiny.  Your goal and offering hope is part of my purpose. Being part of a community of people who care for each other without judgment to achieve everything creates limitless possibilities.

Writing letters on paper which create sentences will impact you, the reader to ponder and perhaps make a difference in your life.  Taking it to the next level to identify your purpose by asking questions, listening and crafting your why for every aspect of your life… family, personal, business, fitness, financial, and yes fun by creating a simple step by step strategy, or road map, to achieve more than you ever dreamed possible.

“Coaching you to achieve your success

with a proven unique system to identify your

true purpose and passion will create a ripple effect”.

We are emotionally drained to the core when we are sad, angry, confused, mocked or others disparage our dreams, and goals.   Why?  There is no reason or understanding that one can hurt someone else.

Giving them more excuses than deserved will ultimately have the same outcome.  They will be removed from your life forever which will be a loss but you will realize you are  stronger.   Why? Because you really did care and love them but the negativity and judgment has no place within your world.

My destiny is to help identify your purpose so you can release the stress and anxiety that has been put on you by mankind, most likely someone you loved and cherished.

My why is to inspire you that yes you can achieve your dreams,  to encourage you to look up and know you can and will achieve what you want.   The goal is to help you see just how wonderful you are and your gifts are purposeful.    My why is not driven by money but fueled by compassion, and belief.   My why, my purpose is to inspire you to achieve what is in your inner core so you can live your life with true purpose and meaning.

My why is to help you “Succeed Through Confidence”.