Motivation24Many people hesitate throughout their day and use the word ‘but’ often.   Used as a noun it implies reservations or objections.   Here are a few examples:   I will work on the project but I’ll do something else first.   Today I am going to go tackle the banking but I’ll make a few calls first.   Why are we procrastinators?   Good question.   Humans tend to do what is comfortable or easy.  As soon as we start leaving our comfort zone we back track even though we set our intentions properly at the beginning.  Yesterday I decided to simply go for a walk.   I felt as if a wall was in front of me pushing my chest back.   I hesitated for over an hour and played that mind came of ‘just do it’, but I need to send out a few emails.  The word ‘but’ became an obsession word in my speech.  My heart was racing at 125bpm.  At that moment, repeating all the ‘buts’ I realized that God put our ‘butt’ in the back, in the past.   All the thoughts were racing through my head of fear, inadequacy, sadness, overwhelmed and so much more.   The walk started and I began taking photos of the beauty surrounding me.  The road seemed really long.  Sometimes I walked slowly, quickly or jogged.   The unsurmountable goal became easier and easier.   My heartrate when I finished my walk was still 125pbm only now I felt accomplished, successful and proud of myself.   In business it’s the same way.   You may want that dream job… but…., you see a great man or woman… but…, thinking about exercising… but…., writing that email…but…, and so on.   Put the ‘but’ behind you where it belongs!   In all you do, Succeed Through Confidence.