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             “Creating Pathways to

              Living THE Dream”


“Stepping Stones Creating Pathways


Living THE Dream”

Join our VIP compilation and add the single most powerful business branding tool today,  to your portfolio.

Have you ever looked back at the paths you took an the road to where you are? This  book is about creating new pathways to living THE DREAM. How this dream looks varies  from person to person. Stepping Stones is an anthology which will be filled with stories  from women and men, about their personal journey to success.

You may have heard about book compilations or seen them around social media. We are  here to tell you this program is very different from anything you have ever seen. Each  week we offer group business and mindset group coaching to help get you into the  mindset of success. The end result is a very powerful business and branding tool.

“As a published author with 3 International Best Selling compilations my path has taken a new direction and I’m offering you this unique opportunity in Stepping Stones to share your journey to Living THE Dream” – Laraine

Here you will be able to sign up for our program. Our mission is to help new writers become published authors while enjoying the following benefits:

~  Establishing yourself as an expert by having a book in your arsenal.

~  The Experience of publishing, promotion and marketing give you a platform.

~  A 2000-2500 word story in a collaborative with other writers.

~  Group coaching in writing and mindset.

~  Promotional graphics for use with promotion of the book.

~  FREE Membership to Living THE Dream.

~  Media exposure for your current programs or offerings.

By signing up below you agree that this is a non-refundable service. Your fee of $497.00 covers not only your chapter, but coaching, mentoring  and promotional services.

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Stepping Stones: Creating The  Pathways to Living THE Dream!